Cut it off at the trunk

Eoghan Ryan


Cut it off at the trunk

The bucket is the desired object; it is the facilitator, the motivator, the interlocutor, the provocation and the macguffin. The bucket is the neuronal boundaries and borders. It is the hollow of cognition, to be filled and re-presented. It is a practical convenience.

(Clears throat)

However, this is not only about the bucket, as much as it is about its unmaking as a point of breakdown and also of breakthrough. The unmade bucket provides a task, a purpose.

He tries to make the bucket.

The bucket’s unmaking emphasizes not so much a hole, or his holes, but the leak, the leak all over the walls. It is a pathetic conditioning, a momentary crisis without release, where all that is to be gleaned is in the masochistic, erotic and divine.

True love can transform even the simplest of objects.

Cut it off at the trunk is a newly commissioned exhibition by Eoghan Ryan at Rowing.



Eoghan Ryan (b. Dublin, 1987) is an Irish artist currently based in Berlin. His work incorporates video, performance and installation, exploring issues around new modes of institutional critique, as well as the bodily and abject. His practice looks at biological inheritances, shared anxieties, afflictions and affiliations as proposals for alternate forms of intimacy, renewal and empirical collapse within the more fluid collective bodies/structures that we occupy.

With support by

Arts Council Ireland