Lina Hermsdorf


Installation view, day


Installation view, day


Installation view, dusk


Installation view, dusk


Lina Hermsdorf, You can consider this as an exercise in narrative prose, 2017
Text on acetate, polarised screen, 94 x 54 cm


Lina Hermsdorf, Your skin looks good in this light, 2017
Text on acetate, polarised screen, 94 x 54 cm


Lina Hermsdorf, Antonia, 2017
Extract from binaural sound work, 15:00, looped. Please listen with headphones


“Antonia” has grown up on Elysium. She speaks several languages and is able to transmute into various states of matter. It is said that she has involuntarily reached immortality.

Do virtual identities become immortal by outliving their physical counterpart? The newly commissioned exhibition “Antonia” at Rowing, which evolved from her work “Wanderungen” on, draws from Hermsdorf’s reading of Jorge Luis Borges’ short story “The Immortal.”

Borges’ story follows a character on a journey to the City of the Immortals, a labyrinth of inverted stairways, dead-end passages and chaotic architectural structures, suggesting a dynamic of personal choice within the infinite permutations of existence. The character’s centuries-long quest and attainment of immortality upon drinking from a stream, is synonymous with the all-encompassing representations of the choosing individual within the infinite flux of the universe’s permutations.

Hermsdorf’s practice variously employs theatrical techniques, conjures post-dramatic images of the body and engages with characteristics of living organisms as systems that receive, store, and exchange energy and information. Her essayistic works unfold narrative threads, looking at the specific theatricality attached to monologue forms. Language becomes in her installations the playground, an “infinite play” where meaning can never quite be located.

“Antonia” continues the artists’ examination of the borderlines between the living and the lifeless, calling attention to (a)symmetries in time and space, by creating an architecturally and sonically intimate set-up with the spectator.



Lina Hermsdorf (born 1985 in Hamburg, Germany), received her MFA from Städelschule in Frankfurt, Germany, in 2016, class of Peter Fischli and her BA in Applied Theatre in Giessen, Germany, class of Professor Heiner Goebbels.

Upcoming exhibitions include Künstlerhaus Bremen, Germany, and Flat Time House, UK, both 2017. Recent exhibitions and performances include: Block Universe Performance Art Festival, London, UK; Salon Kennedy, Frankfurt, Germany; Human Resources, Los Angeles, USA; Galerie Max Mayer, Düsseldorf, Germany; and Kunsthalle Baden-Baden, Germany.